Walking, seeing, taking pictures, listening, sniffing… the territory, in which M’ANIS lives, is special and has some sole characteristics. It’s easy and immediate to meet and to feel the thinking of poets writing, centuries ago, poems and odes, of artists leaving wonderful and speaking marble tracks or painters in their brushstrokes as gesta of superior talents…

Veneto region is history, culture, design: Giotto, Canova, Palladio are only some of its heroes and main figures. Veneto region is nature, Dolomites and Venetian lagoon with their exciting views and their pure and clear water, mountains and sea, which sculpt the minds of people passing through.

All the poetry and the culture of the territory join the ingredients of M’ANIS beer: the gurgle of fresh waters, the perfume and the colours of the green and luxuriant nature, of its fertile and harmonious soils.
There is the exuberant inspiration of the “marca gioiosa et amorosa” and there is the ambition of who still knows how to create and work as passion.