To appreciate better the qualities of the beer it’s recommended to follow some important indications.

Before tasting, read carefully the indications of the producer in the back label about mode of product storage and serving temperature.

Mode of storage: M’ANIS bottles have to be kept in cool and dry place.

Serving temperature: it’s very important to serve the beverage at the correct temperature, as otherwise the sensorial perception could be compromised.
For the best serving temperature it’s advisable to take the bottle out of the fridge at 6 °C.
Serving temperature goes 8 to10 °C for 5.0, 5.5, 7.3, 8.6 and 6 to 9 °C for 3.9.

Absence of residues/fat on inside glass surfaces: before pouring the drink it’s important to make sure that the glass has not fat or detergent residues, as these substances might adverse affect the foam persistence and make beer more vulnerable to oxidation.
It’s therefore advisable to rinse the glass before tasting.

Pour correctly: pour into a glass inclined at 30°/45° up to 2/3 of it, after that straighten the glass, raise the bottle and pour in the middle and cover with about 2/4 cm foam.