Alcoholic consciousness

Beer is a natural and genuine food-drink of middle alcoholic content, which has been part for thousand of years of the culture of lots of countries in the world and whose consumption is part integrant of everyday and social life, of celebratory rituals and dynamics of socialization of many people.


The moderate and conscious consumption of beer is compatible with a healthy lifestyle. The irresponsible consumption of beer can cause negative consequences for the human being and for the society. Irresponsible consumption of beer is meant abuse (drinking without control) und wrong use (drinking in wrong time, in inappropriate place, for wrong reasons), and in details referring to people (minors, pregnant women, heart patients, patients with liver or psychiatric diseases) or to particular situations (during driving, workplaces, activities requiring high psychophysical efficiency).


M'ANIS translates concretely proper social responsibility:

  • by observing the existing European, national and local legislation about regulations on production, marketing, promotion and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • by adhering to the principles expressed in the advertising self-regulation code promoted by the Institute of Advertising Self-regulation;
  • by adopting corporate codes for the regulation of product communication according to the principles of legality and responsibility.