5 Senses

M’ANIS represents the orientation sense of perceptions: touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing…

Eyes look curious at the logo M’ANIS, positioned upright.
The lettering gives a visual interpretation of the beer, with bigger font being solid soil as it’s the one on which the cereals grains of M’ANIS are grown, and with thinner letters going upwards as a reference to the lightness of the bubbles.
It has after that a tactile effect, which is evident by touching with the fingertips the applied label, in an alternation of opaque, smooth and thick surfaces.

The perfume appears in different olfactory intensities becoming lighter or stronger according to the type and to the combinations, in a completely new pleasure.

The flavour is driving the tasting perception, which presents in different offered forms to meet everybody’s, gluten intolerant ones, too, palate.

The pleasant gurgle of the golden drink flowing in the glass has reminiscences of memories and culture of the territory and of the people who had made it famous all around the world. This sound, coming from fermentation, a process which changes the sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide, is audible in the brewery, too, when most is still brewing.